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The advantages of Team Building for your companies

Team building is a practice that appeared in the 80s. It has been widely democratized in recent years. It is a way to develop team cohesion by organizing activities, weekends or outings. DMC agencies organize excursions and original activities to strengthen the bonds of your team. But what are the real advantages of these team building activities for the company and the employee?

Create and strengthen group cohesion

Thanks to group challenges and exercises that highlight the emotions of each person, the spirit of belonging to the group is increased tenfold. Cohesion is reinforced because the whole team experiences the same sensations. Because a friendly atmosphere and good group cohesion are necessary to improve the productivity of a company, team building events are the best way to achieve this goal. Your work teams will get to share a fun and friendly moment and discover a sense of belonging.

Developing collective intelligence

Team building activities can have different themes: sports activities, artistic activities, adventure activities, workshops, seminars, parties with colleagues etc. Despite their differences they all serve one purpose: strengthening team spirit and cohesion. They will also boost solidarity and communication between company employees.

Integrating newcomers

This type of activity will allow new employees to open up to their new teams. Indeed, they will get to know their colleagues around a common activity. It is therefore an informal way to learn more about the latest arrivals.

Defusing conflicts

As we have seen, team building outings are a way heavily focused around « cohesion », but they also help to resolve conflicts within teams. Employees are taken out of their work context to address conflicting issues. Thus, by freeing up communication in a frank manner they will be able to resolve lingering problems, which also helps reducing turnover!

Communicating differently

During team building excursions, communication is essential. Each employee is encouraged to express himself in order to show his expectations and his perception of his role within his team. The aim is for the company to put forward its values and ambitions in its corporate communication. In short, it is the will to share all ideas that can improve the working atmosphere and productivity.